Supratim Haldar

Lead Data Scientist at Head Digital Works Pvt. Ltd. (,,

Bangalore, India

  • * Working as a Lead Data Scientist at Head Digital Works Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in online gaming with a rich portfolio of, and

  • * Earlier, worked as a Solution Architect for Oracle India, building products with advanced predictive capabilities.

  • * Sound knowledge of Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus and Machine Learning Algorithms.

  • * Ranked among top 10% answerers on Python in StackOverflow.

  • * Hobbies: Cycling, running, photography and reading.

  • * Trivia: The profile picture on the left is generated with my implementation of neural-style-transfer algorithm, transferring style from Vincent van Gogh's famous self-portrait to my photograph 😊


Machine Learning

Summary of my skills in the data science, machine learning and deep learning area.

In-depth understanding of key ML and DL algorithms

Python (including Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, SKLearn)

Tensorflow and Keras

Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly

Database: SQL, PL/SQL, NoSQL

Software Engineering

Summary of my skills related to software engineering and software development.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Design Patterns

REST and Microservices architecture pattern

Software Development Methodology

Communications and Soft Skills

Project Portfolio

A ML prediction model to predict winner of ODI cricket (sports) matches before the match starts. Prediction accuracy outperforms that of Google.

Cricket Result Predictor

Machine Learning
Identify the artist from a painting, built with Convolution Neural Networks
A web-application for DeepArtist, built with Flask and deployed on Heroku

DeepArtist AI Bot

Deep Learning
Generating art using Deep Learning
As part of an online challenge, built a classifier which can predict presence of an outdoor scene (eg: mountains, glaciers etc) with an accuracy of ~97% on train data and ~94% on test data
As part of Kaggle competition, built a classifier capable of predicting whether an image contains a columnar cactus, with AUROC of upto 0.9984 on unseen test data
An analysis of accident data on roads of Bangalore
Recommend movies to user based on taste of other similar users (developed from scratch)
A deep-dive into churn analysis in telco industry and predicting next possible churns
Recommend movies to user based on different parameters of movies (developed from scratch)
My implementation of key Machine Learning algorithms from scratch in Python
Collecting data from the world wide web



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